Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Beginnings

Hey friends,

So many things have happened since my last post. Let me break it all down for ya.

First off, I have a new gun for the 2014 season. It's a Luxe 1.5 with all 2.0 internals, and this gun is so sick and smooth. I love it.

Next, I finally graduated college. After 4.5 years, I can call myself an Alumni of Virginia Intermont College with my BA in Business Administration. I didn't walk yet but I will in May. How ever I did receive my diploma in the mail yesterday which was surprising because it wasn't supposed to come for another 5 weeks. So that was pretty cool.

Today, I had practice at CSP. We had a few of our new players for the D5 squad come out and a few new ones looking to join up. We will have an official tryout in January, so it will be fun to see who comes out and who can make the squad. I will be headed up the D5 squad but play on the D4. I got a few videos from today, not all because I was getting used to this new toy. Below are links to the videos, enjoy.

Practice 1
Practice 2
Practice 3

Now that I home in Richmond, I will have more to post about so stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Waiting Game

Hey friends,

I know it has been a while, but mostly cause not much is going on. Still working on getting my new gun, however, sales are being super slow so it is taking longer than expected. We are having tryouts for our D5 square for next season on Saturday down at CSP. That will give me more to post about. I am currently working on getting everything ready in order to graduate in two weeks so I have been super busy with that. I am also thinking about maybe starting to use this Twitter thing I keep hear about. 

We did however choose our design for the next season! Pictured below, this is the first proof and are currently awaiting the next with the sponsors and all. Check it out. Super sexy. Until next time!