Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grinds, grinds, grinds...

Hello paintball people,

So the luxe is gone. It decided to blow up on me. But I was able to trade it to the shop for a DM13. Yes, I have gone back to being a Dye guy. So with the first EPL event coming up at the end of March, we have been grinding every other Sunday for the past two months. We have completed our risers and have 16 players for Widow Makers. We have been coming along as an organization and a team and are anxious to dominate the field. We have been working on who is playing where, communication, and other various things that teams do in order to be successful. With the new jerseys being sent out soon, we will finally look like a legit team with everyone wearing the same damn jersey for once haha. We are gonna have to come out strong in the first event because with playing a higher division comes stronger competition. Many of the teams are already looking at us with hungry eyes as they saw out rise from last place at the end of the past season. But we are more than able to come out and pack a punch. That's all I got for now and will post photos when more come in.

Remember, it is hard to beat someone who doesn't quit.