Saturday, March 23, 2013

Background Info

I wanted to give some background info on me and my paintball story this far. I was born and raised in Richmond, VA and I am currently 24 years old. I started playing paintball when I was 14 at Paintball Authority. Two years l started playing for the PBA team which played in the Central Virginia Paintball League or CVPL. I played that series for about a year and then the team disbanded. After that I would bounce between PBA and a smaller local field called Savage Paintball. I had met a couple of players from Savage and we began a new team known as Vengeance. We would work at PBA on Saturdays and have practice on Sundays to work on skills even though we never actually played a tournament. I also had the opportunity to play in the PSP Mid Atlantic Open in 2007 with the team, 2 Live Jews. There were more small teams thrown together and fallen apart for years to come until 2008 when I took a break from playing. these were very long months.

It wasn't until I starting going to my college Virginia Intermont College did I get my second wind for my passion. It started as a student activity to go out and play just for fun. It became with the inception of the VIC Paintball Team. I had recruited, done the paper work, and got the sponsors We played the CFOA 3-man series for about 2 years and we didn't do too and considering it was mostly new players. We would also try and play local tournaments in the NE Tennessee area. The team also helped to promote the sport of paintball by setting up target booths at local Wal-marts as part of the Bonecrusher events. The team has fallen part this school year due to the lack of funds and some of the players had quit. But I hope that we may have left an impression that if a student wants to be able to make something new and different like we did by setting up with first club-sport the school had ever seen, then all they have to do is work for it and anything can happen.

Lately, I have been playing with Richmond Ransack and the first time I had played with them, we took first place in a tournament hosted by Richmond Rage at KPS Paintball in Richmond. So for now I guess I'm going to try and play with them until I finish up with college in December and move to New Orleans. My goal is to play for New Orleans Warped Army which is the professional paintball team for New Orleans. So I guess thats where we will pick up on my story.

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