Monday, June 30, 2014

FirstCall Challenge

Hey friends,

So we had the third leg of the EPL season yesterday. Things didn't go to well for Widow Makers. We started off having a pretty rough day and this was an usual situation for us this season. Still not really sure what was going on with us, but we managed to fight back and win all the second round games and the 3rd matches against teams that had beat us in the first round taking us into the quarter finals. And thats as far as we went. We ended up taking 5th I think, still waiting for the official posting. Widow Makers Blue ended up taking 4th place so we are proud of them.

After this defeat, we are looking to really buckle down and fix a lot of the stupid errors we made during the event. We are work on less individual paintball and really work hard to be a well oiled machine of a team. We have a lot of talent, not we just need to unify it all as a solid unit. Another thing I think we will work on is building the endurance to play hard all day, even is the heat. By the next event, we should be coming out swinging like we should and playing how we should. One team one goal.

Due to the early end of our day and with substitutions, I only have 5 videos for y'all this time, shown below as always. Hope y'all enjoy.

Look forward to new posts as we continue to work hard and come together as a team to finish the rest of the season on that podium.

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Game 4
Game 5

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