Friday, October 18, 2013

Gun Rebuild Project

Since it is the off-season, I need something to do with my time. I decided that i was going to rebuild my DM7. I am working on a 3-prong rebuild. The first phase is to redo how it shoots. This involves a new trigger and bolt. The next phase is to rebuild the air flow system. I am looking to get an NT style Hyper 3 reg and a UL AirPort. The last phase is the electronics. Virtue eyes and a Virtue board will be installed. This will make my gun shoot better and more efficient. I was considering buy a new gun but I thought this would be both more fun and cheaper.

So far, I have complete phase one. I added a Violent Products Scythe trigger and a Billy Wing bolt. So far, I have notice a huge difference in how the gun feels and shoots. It is super smooth and with the trigger being more to my liking, I am going to be able to continue shooting fools and be as comfortable as ever. Below are pics of my newest toys, and after I sell some gear, I will be moving on to phase 2.

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