Monday, October 7, 2013

Tippmann Event

Hey friends!

This past Saturday, I played in a small, local, throw-together Tippmann only event at X-Zone paintball in Richmond. Not many teams came out but it was still a fun event to play in. A rental only tournament is a great idea! This tests a player's abilities and not just how much they can spend on a marker. We ended up taking first which was to be expected. But overall, it was a lot fun even though it was hotter than it should have been in October. Just a great way to calm down after the intensity that was Cup. But this is an event I would like to see grow and if they decide to do it again, I will be all for it! I did get some footage of the events and they are posted below!

Tippmann Event 1
Tippmann Event 2
Tippmann Event 3
Tippmann Event 4
Tippmann Event 5
Tippmann Event 6
Tippmann Event 7
Tippmann Event 8

Until next time! Tell your friends!

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