Monday, September 9, 2013

Post Grind

Hey friends. So what was going to be a chill 3-man tournament, turned into just a grind that we kept score for. This was a good way to for us to practice in a way that was more intense than just a normal practice. We picked up two new players for Cup and so some of us got used to playing with them. They should be good additions for cup and I think one of them is going to be sticking around for next season. We had enough players in order to run two squads for the grind. We started playing 3-man but then the teams decided that it would be more beneficial if we played 5-man so we switched to that for a few games. We ended up tying for 1st and we just kind of ran out of paint so we couldn't play any more. We played really well and jelled so we should be coming out strong. I preferred playing 5-man since that is what we will be playing more often. I got a few videos from yesterday but during Game 6, I took a hit in the microphone of the camera so the games after that will be more quiet than normal. I think I got it all cleaned today and I will check to make sure later on today. But overall a good practice and I'm getting pumped for Cup in 3 weeks.

Still waiting on people to pay for the school event on saturday which should be fun. I believe we are going to a have a full group, or rather I hope, but we will see here in the next few days.

I am also working on getting everything ready for Cup along with next season. I should be picking up my spring ramp for my spire tomorrow so that will help making shooting a lot easier. But other than that, not much to report on today.

Below are the links to the videos from yesterday. Hope y'all enjoy!!!!

3-man 1
3-man 2
3-man 3
3-man 4
3-man 5
3-man 6
3-man 7
5-man 1
5-man 2

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