Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Virtue Paintball and more

So I wanted to take a second and talk about my most recent encounter with Virtue Paintball. First off, let me say, these guys are freaking AWESOME. My Spire loader was starting to get worn on the paddle of the nose cone. So I called them up asking if I could get a new one. I explained my issue and all they wanted to know was where I lived in order to send me the new part...for free. I love their lifetime warranty because they actually hold up to it. There wasn't a lot of red tape that I had to fight through. These guys make great products and make the customer service experience one of the best I have ever had. NOT ONLY THAT, they had me go through the board settings and after a few beeps and LED flashes later, they tell  me they are going to send me a new board as well. So thank you Virtue Paintball, y'all are freaking awesome!!! I will continue to use them for like ever.

I had a rare event happen to me this last Saturday. I was reffing at a local field when I noticed a player that looked awfully familiar. I asked one of my co-workers and he confirmed my suspicions. The player plays for Chattanooga CEP, a pro-level team. When things started to slow down, I was able to hop on the field a bit and play with him. Really cool dude and a great player. It was remarkable to see a top level player joining in on game with people playing for the first time and everyone having fun. You just don't see that with other sports. So that was a cool thing to have been a part of.

A few things coming up here in the next couple of weeks. First, Widow Makers are going to play a 3-man event in Chesapeake, VA on Sunday Sept. 8th. We are planning to run two squads and see how things go. I am going to use this as a glorified practice for East Coast Cup.

On Sept. 14th, I am helping to host the VI Paintball Day out in Blountville, TN at The Alternative Sport. We got people signed up today and I just need to collect money from them here soon. Hopefully we will be able to fill the sign up of 15 and get everyone out there and have a good time and help spread the paintball gospel.

Then comes the big event on Sept. 29th, East Coast Cup. I am so anxious to get to this event. We are going to come out strong and do the best we can. We will be fielding on the the best teams we have ever had and I am so stoked. Only a few more weeks to go. The event will be in Taneytown, MD which is about 6 hours from Bristol. I am going to be one tired pup come Monday morning haha.

Lastly, I have an invitation to play at World Cup playing 10-man with my friend and former captain, Jake Levy. I have to review my funds and see if i can be able to play but, on the flip  side, this will cause me to miss a decent amount of school, so I really need to weigh my options.

Thats all for now, I will post after the 3-man event and let y'all know how it went!!!

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